Sunday, September 30, 2007

REAPER: "Pilot"

I was hoping I would like this one and I did. This was very enjoyable. Thumbs up! Good premise well executed.

I feared it might be over the top, but they thankfully kept the humor organic to the plot and fairly restrained all things considered. I also liked the black comedy and sly humor they employed throughout. Hell is the DMV. The devil helping Sam win the ham; "See? I'm a nice guy!" (as he follows his latest victim no doubt). Devil: "Yeah, overcrowding. We weren't expecting the influx, personally I blame myself."

I like the odd situation of the Devil becoming a sort of father figure to Sam. He actually encouraged him to succeed at something, whereas his own parents never pushed him.

Bret Harrison is great; I liked him in THE LOOP and he's great here too. Ray Wise is just perfect as the devil.

I also liked that the whole show wasn't a yuck-fest. The scene with Sam and his mother, where he spares her and she offers her own life -- that was sweet. Also, his relationship with the girl has started off well. I hope she eventually learns about Sam's part-time job, because that will keep things even more interesting!

My only slight reservation was Sock. He's the slob stoner best friend we've seen a ton of places before. Very Kevin Smith-ish, which could be both good and bad. He had a few funny lines in the pilot, so he's working ok so far. But they will need to give him some depth.

But so far, favorite new show!

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