Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to Snarkytainment

Greetings three people that are reading this.

Bill Walko here. I'm an artist, graphic designer, copywriter and pop-culture afficiando. I've been writing and posting my various mini-rants on TV, movies, comic books and entertainment at various places over the web. And the more I posted, the more people would tell me, "you should post this stuff somewhere."

Welcome to "somewhere."

Expect a sly sarcastic eye on all things media-related. So sit back and enjoy a slightly snarky look on entertainment. That's snarkytainment.

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Talian said...

I have one comment, one I just tripped over and went 'WTF' and so far have seen nothing mentioned about it on your blog so I'll just copy it and it's sorce here for you to see and likely to do the same thing.

"Due to time constraints and the character's late introduction in the original comic storyline, Jericho will not appear in the direct-to-DVD adaptation Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.[1]"

Heard anything on it?