Thursday, October 11, 2007


PUSHING DAISIES had a fantastic pilot, but I wondered whether or not it could sustain a weekly format. I'm happy to report: It Can! I like the idea of a death-mystery every week. The second episode was another charmer. If they keep this up, it may be my favorite show currently on the air.

The triad of Ned/Chuck/Emerson works beautifully. I was initially worried about Olive as a character, but she won me over tonight. Random musical numbers? more, please. Ned and Chuck high-fiving using dandilions. What's not to love?

I finally placed the tone of the narration-- VERY Douglas Adams (Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Love it! So if you aren't watching it... you should.

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Manuel B said...

Love to hear that I'm not the only one loving this new show (and enjoying the impromptu song-dance numbers by the talented Cheno!)