Saturday, October 6, 2007

Teen Titans Movie: Dream Casting

From Screenwriter Mark Verheiden was at Comic-Con to talk about his various impending projects, including the recently announced Teen Titans live-action movie from Warner Bros. "It's not light and frothy," he says. "It's not silly. I want to play the characters so they feel real to us, not like people we can't understand. And I think Nightwing is a great character for that. I love the Perez-Wolfman stuff, so we're definitely looking at that, but I don't really want to get into who the team we're picking is yet," he says.

While the roster or casting has not been divulged yet, that doesn't stop us fanboys from playing casting agent at So who should play who? Well, let's assume the cast contains the elements from the classic Wolfman/Perez run of NEW TEEN TITANS. Here at, you won't only see our picks, but you'll see each of them in their "hair and make-up screen test" thanks to photoshop.

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Jake Gyllenhaal as Nightwing: Dick Grayson is the most pivotal role in the Teen Titans. Since the movie is going with Nightwing, you'd need a confident and charismatic leader-type. But to play Dick Grayson, the actor needs to be slightly insecure and emotive. Jake Gyllenhaal (DONNIE DARKO, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, ZODIAC) is more than up to the task. He's played everything from a troubled teen as Donnie Darko – to a obsessed detective in ZODIAC. Combine all his experience, and you've got an awesome Nightwing!

Olivia Wilde as Donna Troy: It's not easy finding someone to play Donna Troy. You need an actress that is believable as a gorgeous ass-kicking amazon in one scene – and then a down-to-earth gal next door in the next. Olivia Wilde (THE O.C., THE BLACK DONNELLYS) is stunningly beautiful but she's also a charismatic actress as well. As Alex Kelly, she made Marissa's sapphic storyline sing on The O.C.; And as Jenny, she injected heart on THE BLACK DONNELLYS. She'd be wonderful as Wonder Girl.

Justin Hartley as Kid Flash: Wally West was always a good-looking corn-fed kid from Blue Valley, Nebraska. Justin Hartley (PASSIONS, SMALLVILLE, AQUAMAN) has that All-American look with a hint of charm. Hartley is no stranger to playing hero, having portrayed both Green Arrow and Aquaman. I think he's got the looks and acting experience to fill Kid Flash's running boots.

Chris Evans as Speedy: The Titans' ace archer is all about attitude – and Chris Evans (FANTASTIC FOUR, CELLULAR, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE) has got it in spades. His portrayal of hotshot Jonny Storm shows that Evans would make the perfect Roy Harper. Physically, Evans even looks like Arsenal pulled directly from the comic book pages.

Matt Dallas as Aqualad: Hailing from Atlantis, Aqualad was always the sensitive outsider among his more colorful counterparts. Matt Dallas (KYLE XY) has played a similar role as the emo enigma on ABC Family's KYLE XY. Give the guy some purple contacts and you've got your Garth.

Summer Glau as Raven: Raven is distant, moody and has a terrible secret. Summer Glau (FIREFLY, THE 4400) played each of those emotions to perfection as the complex River Tam on FIREFLY. Glau's got the same ballet-dancer build as the empathic Titan, but also can shift from scary to scared in an instant. In short, the perfect Raven.

Jessica Biel as Starfire: Starfire's a super-sexy alien with a bad temper. Jessica Biel (7th HEAVEN, BLADE: TRINITY, THE ILLUSIONIST) already looks the part. And her action-star turn as Abigail Whistler in BLADE: TRINITY shows she has what it takes to play the alien powerhouse.

Gaius Charles as Cyborg: For Cyborg, look no further than actor Gaius Charles (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), who plays Brian 'Smash' Williams on the NBC drama. He's got the look and acting ability to play the tragic half-teen half-machine.

Shawn Ashmore as Beast Boy: With Beast Boy, it’s not all about the comedy. Underneath the joking exterior, there’s an insecure hero. For that, you need an actor to do the lighthearted stuff and also the weightier stuff. Shawn Ashmore (X-MEN, EARTHSEA) is no stranger to lighthearted heroes, having played Bobby Drake in all three X-MEN movies. His sweet scenes with Kitty Pryde and Rogue also show that he’s got the chops to give the Terra storyline the emotional depth it needs.

Michelle Trachtenberg as Terra: She's the super-powered Lolita that rocked the Titans' world. Michelle Trachtenberg (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ICE PRINCESS, EUROTRIP) has shown her ability to shift from cute n' cudly to angsty n' confused. To play Terra, the actress needs to be believable as a smart-mouthed ingenue and later, a terrorizing teen tart. I think Trachtenberg would rock as Terra.

Justin Timerlake as Jericho: OK, for the portion of you saying "Wha?", calm down and hear me out. And for the portion of you that know what a great idea this is: are you feelin' me? The traits shared by both Timberlake (ALPHA DOG, BLACK SNAKE MOAN) and the mute Joesph Wilson are many: Both Justin and Joey are sensitive, expressive artists that women find sexy. Timberlake also looks like the Titans' mute hero - look at some older images and you'll see that both guys have the blond afro going on. With some movies under his belt now, the singer-actor would do justice to the Wilson kid that done good. And if you're STILL concerned, just remember that you won't even hear Timberlake utter one line of dialogue.

Adam Baldwin as Deathstroke: Baldwin (FIREFLY, ANGEL, CHUCK) is no stranger playing amoral mercs; He spent a full season as the jerk-merc Jayne on FIREFLY. His turn as the slick Marcus Hamilton in the last season of ANGEL shows that Baldwin can also do cool and cunning as well. Artist George Perez commented that he wanted Slade to be sexy and debonair -- that's something else Baldwin can provide. His seduction of Terra should be believable. The tricky thing with Slade Wilson is that you need to buy him as a sexy-charming-smart-killer. And Baldwin is a rare actor that can do all of that.

Stephanie Romanov as Addie Kane: Romanov (ANGEL) spent five years playing icy, sexy, mostly-evil Wolfram & Hart lawyer Lilah Morgan on ANGEL. Her attitude and edge would be perfect to play the tough-as-nails ex-wife of Deathstroke, Adeline Kane. I can imagine her shooting Slade's eye out as I type this... Wow, the comic book Addie never looked so good!

Nick Stahl as Grant Wilson: What's a Teen Titans movie without Deathstroke? And what's a Deathstroke origin without the Wilsons? Grant Wilson is the one that started it all with his ill-advised contract with the evil H.I.V.E. organization. Nick Stahl's (BULLY, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES) intensity is perfect for the chip-on-his-shoulder Wilson gone wrong. If you don't believe me, just watch the brutal BULLY and you'll see Stahl is perfect as the first Ravager.


Anonymous said...

htey should definetly make this movie!!! it would be REALLY AWESOME!!!! A lot of people would watch the movie including me. This movie will be a huge success.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i think your right, a Teen Titans movie could be a big succes. but it could also be great with a movie based on the Teen Titans Go! seire, i think both could be great.

matt deezy said...

EXCELLENTE! they actually look good. SEXAY!!!
justin timberlake kinda killed it for me tho... but ill keep my hopes up :)

Anonymous said...

Most of the character choices I have no issue with, but 2.

First your choice for Raven is wrong, I think that Vanessa Hudgens would pull the roll off much better. And look the part too. Just look at some of the pictures around the net, and see for yourself. Vanessa has an mystic look and could pull Raven's darker side as well.

Second, I do not like your choice for Cyborg. I thing we need someone more along the body build of Seal to play that part. Just watch the video "kissed by a rose" and tell me that he would not kick @ss in that role?

Now some you have right on the money...Beastboy for one. One question, what about Trigon?

Eris said...

I totally agree that the Teen Titans should have a movie... I'd watch it again and again... :P

I'd prefer Drew Fuller as Nightwing though... Nyaha! :P And sorry, but no way would Vanessa Hudgens pull Raven off... You could have Eliza Dushku or Milla Jovovich or Sierra Guillory, hell even Angelina Jolie could play Raven if she's up for it. LOL!

But hey, you know what, as long as Justin Hartley's there, I don't care who else plays the other superheroes. I love him as Green Arrow and I'm a few centimeters short of worshipping him. All he needs to do is show up in my favorite shows. LOL! And Chris Evans? Hooray!

Ahem, the point is... The Teen Titans should definitely be a movie. :P

John said... - i am beast boy.

Anonymous said...

this is a joke.... jaja

lindsey said...

wow.... i disagree with whoever said vanessa anne hudgens should play raven...i think ur on a roll!!! lol justin timberlake........ : )

Anonymous said...

wow, a Teen Titans movie must be made! and yeah, Vanessa Hudgens can NOT pull Raven off . i think Eliza Dushku could be a better Raven. and Cyborg's gotta be a bigger build than that. but meh! the dream cast's great, 'cept maybe for Raven though.. haha.

Anonymous said...

Nah, gotta be Summer Glau. When I first heard of a live action TT, she was the first person I thought of, and in the role of Raven.

It *has* to be.

Rico said...

I really would like to try out to be in this movie.
I have nothing against that guy they put up to be AQUALAD, i jus have been wanting to play AQUAMAN/AQUALAD since i was a wee fetus, LOL!

I have all the physical qualifications to be AQUALAD, such as: Blue eyes, and Black hair and tan skin, plus i'm an actual teen lol!
oh oh oh the Personality thing he said about AQUALAD... ... totally me.

anyhoo check out my myspace to see if you all agree. thanx.

Keena said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...


Azmaria said...

I dont like Summer Glau as raven she dosen�t look teenager enough (if the movie will be based on them as teenagers that is�) she doesn�t convince me... not the picture of raven I imagined

besides i think a movie just about raven's storie should be made cause she is a complex character and it would rock to see her storie developed...

and for the record, in my oppinion, it sucks that im not a famous actress cuz i think I would be a perfect raven, i would not need acting ^_^. But that is my opinion� what is yours? (if u wanna se my pic copy paste the link below)

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dick Grayson/Nightiwng
Olivia Wilde as Donna Troy/Wondergirl
Anne Hatheway as Raven
Colombus Short as Vic Stone/Cyborg
Cam Gigandet as Gar Logan/Changeling
Chris Pine as Wally West/Kid Flash
Megan Fox as Starfire
Hayden Pannetierre as Terra
Brad Pitt as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
Charlize Theron as Adeline Kane
Channing Tatum as Grant WIlson/Ravager

Anonymous said...

oh yeah
Matt Dallas or Chace Crawford or Zac Efron as Joseph Wilson/Jericho

meg said...

this cat is awesome ok i think dat NO CHANGES ARE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meg said...

this cat is awesome ok i think dat NO CHANGES ARE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meg said...

sorry i did dat twice just my computer has freak security

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