Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Idol Recap :: Doubled Over In Pain

Last week, Big Mike was sent back home to his new baby (did you know he had a new baby?). Tonight, the remaining Remedial Idols sing 2 songs each: one chosen by themselves, and the other is a song chosen by the Judges panel.

In kinder, less offensive news, Fox president Kevin Reilly told reporters that executives are aware of our complaints: “We’re changing the Idol format next year. We’re heard consistently from audiences they would like more performances, tighter results shows, so that’s what we’re going to do as we get into the spring.” That means a half hour results show. And hopefully, less sucktitude overall?

Tonight's show is very zip-zippy, with no mentor and all bizniss.

Casey James: Eric Hutchinson’s “OK, It’s Alright With Me”
If you don't know the original, it's an awesome low-key song by the under-rated Eric Hutchinson. By all rights, on paper, this matches Casey's bar-band-bluesy vibe. Oh paper, how could you be so wrong? It's a little off-key in spots... A virtual "Meh"lapalooza. The Judges all think it was just alright with them, as Simon notes, "it will leave no lasting effect" and a "dud song choice."

Crystal Bowersox: Melissa Etheridge’s “Come to My Window”
Crystal chose Melissa Etheridge's “Come to My Window”, which is a perfect choice for her. There's some pointless harmonica playing, and the arrangement is needlessly changed. Mamasox should be rocking this out, but instead, it's a solid and somewhat uninspired rendition. The Judges found it so-so

Lee DeWyze: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man”
This is probably Lee's best performance so far. Nary a pitch problem, and neatly within his range. This is the Lee we shoulda gotten six weeks ago... but well, finally. The Judges like it, and Simon even says "I don't think you've won round one, I think you crushed the other two."

Casey James: John Mayer’s “Daughters”
Casey James sings "Daughters" by John Mayer, selected by Kara and Randy. It's boring and hard to sing. Are The Judges fixing for a
Dewylsox finale? Conspiracy theorists: discuss. Also, Kara believes Case's audience is women and girls. And maybe some boys, too, Kara.

Casey mumbles his way through a sleepier version of this whiny dirge. Even the swaybots arms waft wearily, as if to say "please, bitch." The Judges mostly like, although Simon thought it was a "lazy arrangement."

Crystal Bowersox: Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Ellen selects "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney for Crystal. It's a good song that showcases her vocal chops.The Judges love.

Lee DeWyze: Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
Dear movies, TV and American Idol: Give this song a rest forever. Love, me. Ugh, this treacly, quasi-religious, whispery ode to "moment of faux importance" is eye-rollingly cliché. But then again, it looks like
Simon makes some coin each time this blight-on-humanity is played. Because, y'know, Simon needs more money.

It starts off wonderfully enough, but then becomes a bit of an overcooked ham, as an army of gospel singers enter... smokes wafts through the air... as Lee is bathed in white light. It's"Lee-sus Christ Superstar." It's good, but completely produced to be "epic."

The Judges love it, as Kara notes "you owned the night" and Simon says "you proved you're a fantastic singer and a great person." Yes, Lee, that Humanitarian Award is yours for the asking now.

So who's going home? Casey, I suggest you book
that $50 gig at the Circle Inn next Tuesday.

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